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Group Rental Policies


Children are welcome. Parents agree to take responsibility for appropriately child-proofing the house, closely supervising children outside, and requesting plastic bed covers in advance for any potential bed-wetters. Parents are aware that this is a natural setting with wildlife, which can create hazards for children. Renter is responsible for the costs of damage caused by guests of any age.


Pets are not allowed, due to insurance limitations.


Quiet outdoor hours are 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. (except by advanced arrangement). At all times, renters should act in accordance with our goal of keeping a serene and peaceful environment for the sake of the surrounding neighbors. This is not a good venue for loud or late night parties. If a group plans noisy outdoor activities, these should be agreed upon in advance and described in the rental agreement.


Fires are only allowed in the wood stove and outdoor fire circle, and must be built and managed according to written guidelines. Candlelight is allowed in the holders provided, but should not be left burning without people present, and may not be taken into the bedrooms or the yurt. Other burning material is allowed only by specific, advanced arrangement. During drought conditions and sometimes in late summer the fire marshal imposes a burn ban–check the site. Guests must not have fires when outdoor residential fires are not permitted and are responsible for County and rental fines if they have fires during burn bans.


Smoking is allowed only in the lower elevation parts of the property, 50′ or more away from the house, yurt, deck and lawn area. All butts must be fully extinguished, picked up and thrown away. Evidence of smoking in or around the House or yurt will result in payment from the deposit (minimum $100) and additional payments as necessary to pay the costs to fully eliminate the effects of smoking.


Please recycle. Recycling bins are provided in each room, and marked bins are supplied along the side of the house. Extra boxes to use for overflow recycling are under the carport next door.


One person from the group shall be the designated Renter, and shall take responsibility for paying all costs of the rental and ensuring compliance with the rental agreement. Any cost sharing should be worked out among the group separately.


House is rented clean and ready. Daily housekeeping is not provided.


Renter Representative must have current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance that includes liability coverage or obtain a waiver of this requirement from us. Renter and other guests’ personal belongings are not covered by Cedar Tree LLC insurance.


To preserve the septic system, please do not put Kleenex, food, oils, paper towels, feminine products, or beverages down the bathroom or kitchen drains. Rather than pouring beverages down the drain, please pour them into a provided Ziploc and discard in the trash.

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